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Aqua Essence is not merely a villa; it is a carefully crafted retreat with amenities tailored to guarantee moments of quality with your loved ones.

  • 4 bedrooms, 3 of them ensuite

  • Proximity to the beach, just 700 meters away

  • Housekeeping included (3hours/day - mon-fri)

  • Many dining and living areas

  • Amenities such as Cable TV, Smart TV, and WiFi

  • Air conditioning for added comfort

  • EV Charging Station

zona da piscina e de refeição exterior desta moradia de luxo em troia

Aqua Essence is an ideal haven for quality time with family and friends. Its spacious, interconnected, living spaces seamlessly blend the villa's interior with the outdoors, providing a welcoming setting for numerous gatherings and the creation of lasting memories. Notable features outdoors include:

  • Breathtaking lake views

  • Outdoor pool embracing the villa

  • Living spaces facing the lake

  • Dining area and Barbecue

  • Small children's playground

zona de refeição desta villa na região da comporta, em troia
  • Housekeeping, 3 hours a day

    • (mon-fri from 2pm and 5 pm)

  • Pool Towels

  • Welcome gift

  • Sports equipment: sup board, beach rackets, volleyball


  • Chef at home

  • Taxis, transfers & tours

  • Babysitting

  • Massages & Yoga classes

Living areas inside

Back of the villa

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